Atlantic Developments
MNA and Atlantic Developments have a history of collaborating on innovative and award-winning developments that set new standards for comfort and style, while accommodating the practical needs of a busy urban life. The homes of Long Lake Village blend a traditional Maritime aesthetic with clean, modern appeal.
Long Lake Village is a perfect community for people who love nature and outdoor activities, and appreciate that it is rare to have such outstanding amenities 10 minutes from the downtown core. With the new 5 km trail in Long Lake Provincial Park, access to the lake and playground on Hadley Crescent, PLAY is at your doorstep. This is unparalleled in any North American City. Don’t miss the fun! David Graham

President, Atlantic Developments

The Parkview

The Parkview Flat Roof

The Shoreline

The Lakeview Pitched Roof

The Shoreline

The Lakeview Flat Roof

Long Lake Village is a uniquely positioned community for people who want immediate access to the “great outdoors” while living only minutes from downtown.