July 2018 has come and gone and for the past couple weeks summer has hit Halifax in earnest. Leaves on the trees are fading to the lighter greens of mid summer. The hiking trails are full of explorers, the lakes are warm and the ocean is… well that depends who you ask. To celebrate the arrival of some of the province’s best weather, the Spryfield Business Commission along with the Long Lake Provincial Park Association and several other partners put on one of the largest community events in the city. Spryfield Days, held on the weekend of July 14th, was a weekend long collection of events taking place across the community ranging from bouncy castle family fun days to parking lot motorcycle shows. Some highlights of the weekend revolving around Long Lake Village included a series of duct tape boat races at the Long Lake boat launch, a chocolate themed family run and a family fun BBQ day. So let’s talk about a warm summer weekend that really did have something for everyone.

We start with one of the first events to take place that weekend, the Long Lake Park Family Chocolate Run. The race was a short, untimed 2k to kick off weekend events. Along the race route (the scenic Lakeview Trail) runners stopped at several points to collect chocolate bars of different varieties.

Photo 1. “Along the race route (the scenic Lakeview Trail) runners stopped at several points to collect chocolate bars of different varieties.” Photo courtesy of Aerobics First

To view all the photos of runners crossing the finish line with chocolate in hand, head over to the Long Lake Village Facebook page! After the run, participants were able to immediately head over to the Family Fun Day presented by the local Sobeys store. The Lakeview Trail parking lot was transformed for the day into a miniature theme park complete with several bouncy castles, food tents, small rides and even a concert stage. From mid morning to mid afternoon the entire area was abuzz with activity. People from all over the community, and even other parts of the city, came together to enjoy a beautiful summer morning in the park. However, the day was far from over. Less than three kilometres to the south, prep was well underway for one of the most publicized and highly anticipated events of the weekend.

Photo 2. “From mid morning to mid afternoon the entire area was abuzz with activity.”

The Fun Duct Raiser, presented by Polycorp, was a major fundraiser event in support of the Long Lake Provincial Park Association, organized and run by hardworking volunteers. We can say (with relative certainty) that this was the first ever “build your own duct tape boat” race to be held on Long Lake. The afternoon event saw some amazing triumphs in duct tape naval architecture …and also several failures. But both failures and successes only served to add to the excitement of the event and liven up the substantial and enthusiastic crowd of spectators even more!

Several other events took place over the course of that weekend. All told, there were almost too many to mention. This has been the briefest of recaps of the event. For full details and a more comprehensive overview, head over to the Spryfield Business Commission website and Facebook page. One final thing to note is that as of the writing of this blog, the fireworks display planned for the event has been delayed indefinitely due to weather. So if you missed Spryfield Days but still feel like getting a piece of the action, it’s possible that the fireworks display has yet to take place. Keep an eye out for that!